Frequently asked questions

  • 1.What should I do if my public transport benefit has changed?

    • Go to any trading venue marked with the Kaunas public transport sign;
    • Top up the card with any amount of money;
    • Tell the retailer what discount is applicable to you (no discount, 50 per cent, 80 per cent).

    After this addition, the total amount on the card (former balance + newly added amount) will apply to the newly specified benefit.

    2.Are there any benefits if I pay for other commuter?

    For several others (up to six people), you can pay for traveling with single tickets.

    For another person traveling together, a full single electronic ticket is charged. He does not have any benefits and does not have the option of transferring to another transport within 30 minutes.

    Repeat the payment procedure for each person.

    3.What ticket discounts apply to pupils and students?

    Students of day-time departments of higher education institutions and pupils are charged 50 per cent on single tickets, discount for monthly and other periodic tickets – 80 per cent.

    One must have a valid document certifying the right to a discount when travelling with public transport (student or pupil certificate).

  • 1. Can I pay for a single ride with Kaunas Card?

    Yes, it is possible if the card is topped up with single electronic tickets, i.e., the amount of money from which you will pay for single e-tickets.

    The amount of money of top up must be not less than the price of one single electronic ticket.

    This can be done at all trading venues marked by the Kaunas public transport sign:

    • Give the card to the seller;
    • Specify the amount you want to add to the card;
    • Indicate the applicable discount for tickets (discounts, 50%, 80%);
    • After receiving the receipt, check that the card has been correctly topped up.

    A single electronic ticket gives you the right to transfer to another bus, trolleybus or shuttle bus for 30 minutes from the first tagging on of the ticket. When you change the bus or trolleybus, bring Kaunas Card to the ticket validator again.

    2. Is it obligatory to write down your name on the card?

    It is not necessary to write the name on the card.

    3. What should I do if I break, lose, or my card doesn’t work?

    If you have damaged, lost or otherwise lost your card, you can purchase a new one (duplicate) for a fixed fee and transfer all e-tickets that were on lost card:

    • Go to the customer service center Mano Kaunas (address: Statybininkų 3, Kaunas);
    • To transfer the old card data, provide the PIN code of the card (it can be found in the Kaunas Card package);
    • New card issuance fee – 1.50 EUR.

    4. Can you transfer travel credit or e-tickets from one card to another?

    No, it is not possible to transfer electronic tickets or travel credit from one card to another.

    5. I lost the Kaunas card and bought another one. Can you transfer tickets that were lost on a card to a new one?

    No, transfer of electronic tickets to your new card is not possible. You can only purchase a duplicate from us for 1, 50 EUR.

    6. I lost or damaged a student / pupil certificate with integrated e-ticket and it was topped up with e-tickets. Can you issue a duplicate?

    We do not make duplicates of student or pupil certificates. Losing or damaging a student or pupil certificate, the ticket is lost. You will need to purchase a new ticket.

    7. Is Kaunas card valid on shuttle buses?

    Yes, you can pay for single electronic tickets for travelling with shuttle taxis.

    Also, once in 30 minutes from the start of the trip, you can transfer from the shuttle to the trolley bus or the bus for free. When traveling from a bus or trolleybus to a shuttle, the total trip costs you only 1.10 EUR.

    You can top up Kaunas card with monthly ticket for shuttle bus.

  • 1. Can I get a refund for a periodic 3, 7, 30, 92, 365-day ticket? Where and how can I do that?

    There is no money refund for the purchased periodic electronic ticket to be activated on board if it has already been activated in transport.

    You can redeem money for an inactive periodic electronic ticket within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.

    The money for tickets is only returned in the customer service center Mano Kaunas (Statybininkų 3, Kaunas). You need to have a Kaunas Card, which has been topped up, a cash receipt, a personal identification document and a personal bank account number. The money will be refunded within 10 business days of the request.

    2. Can I get a refund for my monthly ticket? How to do it?

    The passenger has the right to apply for electronic tickets or electronic money refund within 14 calendar days from the date of acquisition, but not later than before the expiry of their validity.

    For a monthly ticket, if it is already valid, the money will be refunded only on the day of acquisition and the day after the acquisition.

    The money for tickets is only returned in the customer service center Mano Kaunas (Statybininkų 3, Kaunas). You need to have a Kaunas Card, which has been topped up, a cash receipt, a personal identification document and a personal bank account number. The money will be refunded within 10 business days of the request.

  • 1. Why my card is not charged for single ticket and the ticket validator screen shows: NEAKTYVUOTAS TERMINUOTASIS BILIETAS?

    If you have non-active periodic electronic tickets on the card, you will not be able to tag on single electronic tickets on the card.

    You must:

    • Activate periodic ticket;
    • Press button No. 1, – you will be charged 0,70 Eur. If you pay for the ride with single e-ticket, you will lose the opportunity to transfer to another transport within 30 minutes.

    2. Why cannot I activate my monthly e-ticket?

    There is no need to activate the monthly ticket. The monthly ticket is valid for one calendar month, for example, from July 1 to July 31. Activation is only required for periodic e-tickets activated on board (3, 7, 30, 92, 365 days).

    3. Is it obligatory to tag on e-ticket every time you get into the bus / trolleybus? Why do I need to do this if I’ve already paid and activated it?

    Tagging on of any type of electronic ticket by holding a Kaunas Card at the ticket validator is required every time you enter the vehicle (Rules for the Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Road).

    When e-ticket is not tagged on, the driver is entitled to reject the traveler or request for single ticket purchase.

    The tagging is important because the routes, the trips, the capacity of the bus running on that route and the frequency of the route is based on the statistics.

    4. How to find out how much money or e-tickets I have on my card?

    There are three ways to find out how much money or what e-ticket you have on the card:

    • On bus/trolleybus by placing the card to the ticket validator;
    • Online self-care website;
    • Call free info number 8 800 200 00;

    To login to the self-service website, enter the card number and the PIN code in the manual (see the Kaunas Card information sheet) at https://ebilietas.kvt.lt/ebilet.cup/home.pa

    For instructions on how to access the self-service website, visit http://ebilietas.kvt.lt/Fill%20internetu%20instrukcija.pdf

    5. Can I pay with my card for another person?

    Single electronic tickets can also be paid for several other persons (up to six people). For each e-ticket tag on the card separately.

    For another person, you will pay the full ticket price without transport benefits and the ability to switch to another transport within 30 minutes.

    6. I forgot the date of e-ticket validity. How to check its validity? If it is up to 15th of the month, will I still be able to travel with bus/trolleybus on that day?

    When you board the bus/trolleybus through the front door, place the card on the ticket validator marked with the symbol of the card:

    • If you use a periodic ticket, the message REGISTRUOTAS IKI 201X-MM-DD will appear on the screen
    • If you use travel credit, note will appear on the screen MOKĖTA UŽ 1 BIL, on the next line – LIKO XX, XX EUR.


    If you see the note REGISTRUOTAS IKI 2015-10-15, then on October 15th you will still be able to ride, while on October 16th you will already have to pay for a ride or purchase a new e-ticket.

    When checking a tagged ticket, the money is not charged.

    7. Is it possible to use Vilnius card and Klaipėda card for Kaunas buses, trolleybuses and shuttle buses?

    Yes. Before that, you have to register a card in Kaunas e-ticket card accounting system. This can only be done on arrival to service center Mano Kaunas (address: Statybininkų g. 3, Kaunas).

    Having registered the card in Kaunas e-ticket accounting system, top up the card with desired public transport ticket.

    Electronic tickets (monthly, single, etc.) purchased in Vilnius or Klaipeda are not valid on public transport of Kaunas.

    8. Can I travel with Kaunas buses/trolleybuses using monthly ticket for a shuttle bus (35 EUR)?

    No. Monthly shuttle bus ticket is only available on shuttle bus routes 51-57.

  • 1. Why a pensioner’s certificate is not equivalent to a passport / identity card as document?

    Identity document of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, confirming his identity and nationality, is a passport or identity card. The pensioner’s certificate is not an identity document.

    2. Can I travel with shuttle bus, in another city or in a village using 3-year ticket for a 3,00 EUR?

    With a 3-year ticket you can use only Kaunas city buses and trolleybuses.

    3. Is it necessary to bring a certificate of place of residence when filling application for 3-year ticket?

    If you live in Kaunas for a continuous period of at least one year and have not changed your place of residence, the current approved ticket sales order does not require a certificate of place of residence.

    4. Is the 3-year ticket issued to another person?

    Tickets of this type are nominal, intended for a particular person, and cannot be used by other persons.

    3-ticket is issued ONLY FOR THAT PERSON (both for the first time and repeatedly after a year), so the person must present himself.

    If an authorized person arrives, he must have a valid notarized authorization, a Kaunas card, a cardholder and his personal documents and other documents if the benefit is not granted by age.

    5. What should I do if my 3-year ticket card is lost or not working?

    If you have damaged your card, lost or otherwise lost your card, you can purchase a new one (duplicate) for a fixed fee and transfer e-tickets from the card that was lost:

    • Go to the service center Mano Kaunas;
    • Provide identity document;
    • Pay 1.5 EUR for the issue of the new card.
  • 1. Where can I get an invoice for traveling by public transport when buying a ticket from driver?

    Invoices are issued at the Kaunas customer service center Mano Kaunas (address: Statybininkų 3, Kaunas). A cash receipt is required.

    An application for invoice can also be submitted by e-mail: edita.kopustiene@kaunoautobusai.lt, jolita.slusnyte@kaunoautobusai.lt .

    In the application, please indicate the company’s details and attach copies of cash receipts (tickets).

    Invoices are issued only for receipts of the current month.

    2. Where can I get a public transport invoice when I buy a monthly shuttle bus ticket?

    Contact Kautra UAB, address: A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 84, Kaunas, phone (+370 37) 34 24 40, e-mail: info@kautra.lt .