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Ticket types

Different types of e-passes as well as single tickets can be purchased onto the card. Here is all the information about ticket types.

  • Top up your Žiogas Card with the desired amount of money. Validate an e-ticket by placing the card to the card reader when boarding the bus.

    With a single electronic ticket you:

    • can travel with buses/trolleybus to the end stop of the route;
    • can change one bus/trolleybus free of charge within 30 minutes from your initial boarding.

    Please validate your e-ticket by placing the card on the card reader every time you start your journey or change the route.

  • By tagging single tickets, you will start accumulating a monthly ticket from the first day of the calendar month. If during a calendar month you tag single e-tickets for the price of a monthly ticket (28 € or a 50% discount- 14 € or an 80% discount – 5.60 €, respectively), the ticket will become a monthly nominal electronic ticket for buses and trolleybuses, i.e. you will not be charged for any of the journeys again during that calendar month.

    Like all others, this ticket will need to be tagged every time you start your journey or change the route!

  • These multiple day passes are valid for a particular number of days, e. g. you may buy a 92-day pass,  365-day pass or 1095-day pass.

    The pass is valid from the day it is activated to 12 AM of the last day of its validity.


  • Passengers can buy a single paper ticket from the driver.

    Please give the exact amount of money when buying a ticket on board. The driver may refuse to accept larger than 5 Eur bills.

    Single paper tickets purchased on board do not need to be validated.

    A paper ticket is valid for one trip until the end stop of the route.

    Please save your paper ticket until the end of your trip.

    Please note that paper tickets purchased on board are more expensive than e-tickets and do not provide a possibility to change a bus/trolleybus free of charge within 30 minutes.

    We strongly advise to get Žiogas card and top it up with single electronic tickets instead.

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