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Ticket types

If you own Kaunas card, you can choose preferred electronic ticket. Here is all the information provided about ticket types.

  • Just top up Kaunas card by any amount of cash no less than 1 ticket price (0.70 EUR) and buy single electronic tickets.

    When boarding the buss, bring Kaunas card to the ticket validator. If there is no valid periodic electronic ticket in Kaunas card, ticket validator charges 1 single ticket price.

    With single electronic ticket you:

    • Can travel with bus, trolleybus, shuttle bus to the route end stop;
    • Have one bus change within 30 min upon the first tag on and travel to the route end stop;
    • Can pay for other commuters.

    Tagging on is necessary every time boarding the bus and changing the bus within 30 min.

  • Monthly electronic tickets are valid from 1st day of the month until the last day of the month.

    Monthly ticket purchased during 1st and 14th day of the month are valid only on that month. Monthly ticket purchased during 15th and 31st day of the month validates only from the 1st day of the following month.

    No activation is required for monthly ticket, thus this type of the ticket is most suitable for kids. It validates automatically.

    Monthly bus / trolleybus ticket is not valid on shuttle bus.

    Monthly shuttle bus electronic ticket is valid only on buses 51 to 57. This ticket is not valid on city buses and trolleybuses. This ticket validates within 30 min after the top up.

    The ticket is necessary to tag one every time boarding the bus.

  • You can choose the type of periodic electronic ticket activated on board (3, 7, 30, 92, 365 days).

    This ticket must be activated by ticket validator in the bus or trolleybus. Only activated ticket is valid.

    Ticket is valid upon the moment of activation in the bus until the end of the last day of the period chosen (3, 7, 30, 92, 365 days).

    When tagging on the ticket, watch the information on the screen and check on the date of the activated ticket.

  • When buying paper ticket on board, prepare the exact amount of cash.

    If you have tax benefit, clearly show the document referring to it. Ticket purchased without document is not valid.

    After the purchase of a ticket, check on the date, time and price of the ticket.

    No tagging on is needed. Keep the ticket until the end of the travel.

    Ticket validates until the end of the travel only in the vehicle it was purchased.

    Single paper ticket is more expensive and provides no bus change. We strongly advise to get Kaunas card and top up with single electronic tickets.